about me

Marieta Caballero. Director, screenwriter & producer

After a 2 week film course at the ECAM film school, at 16 I created a production company with my friends. My most outstanding artwork is the short film “The Collection” inspired in a feature film I wrote at 18 and for which I received the Award to the Very Young Talent in the Short Film category by the Community of Madrid (a regional award). I have also produced stories supporting creators like Rush Smith (whose film La Vieja has already surpassed 5 million views on YouTube) or Juan Luis Martínez (for his short Acantilado).

I became interested in digital platforms and I share via my YouTube channel “Eigengrau” Making of videos related to the creative process of my projects. My last short film as a director, Emotional Disease, financed thanks to a crowdfunding of 67 backers, is currently in distribution around film festivals in the world.

I organize the Meeting de cine, a filmmaker gathering to put in contact creators in our ecosystem to share resources, contacts and projects. Along the same lines, I’ve written the book “Instinto Cineasta” (meaning “Filmmaker’s Instinct”) where I’ve summarized what I’ve learned in the first 5 years of my trajectory.

I’ve recently been granted the award Carné Joven Talents by the Community of Madrid, because of my trajectory. I am currently working at my production company Talkoo Films and I’m a freelance filmmaker as I develop my personal projects.